5 Needs Solved By LED

A lighting upgrade means significant investment—and it might take some convincing up the management chain. Use this one-stop reference for why LED makes sense for your facility.

Increased Efficiency: Lighting absorbs a significant portion of energy costs in most facilities. LED lighting can help significantly lower this number. Pricing on LED fixtures has steadily decreased while functionality has reached unprecedented levels-fixtures can now generate more lumens per watt, meaning more bang for your buck.

Lower Relamping/Maintenance Costs:  Relamping can be costly, and maintenance can account for lost production on your facility floor. Many LED fixtures are rated for lifetimes upward of 100,000 hours, without any need for maintenance.

A better Work Environment: LED offers a variety of brightness levels, color temperatures, lens configurations and more-meaning the light you need, when and where you need it. Advanced systems can also provide greater efficiency by eliminating wasted light.

More Storage Space: Outdated HID system? Chances are you have a large inventory of replacement lamps and fixtures wasting valuable space in your facility. With LED’s extended lifespan, you can store fewer ( or even no ) extra lights.

Seize Rebates: Many U.S. utility companies and government entities offer rebates for energy- efficient lighting. Details can vary depending upon the utility, but many maintain energy programs for commercial facilities.